Photocopiers and printers

The CAI has two photocopiers on the first floor. The cost of each copy is 10 ¢ per sheet. You can use only coins and bills $1.00 and $5.00. We do not have a machine available to change money. The “Advanced Copy Groups” dealer operates the copying machines. Any claim or problem may be submit to Mr. José M. Piñeiro, president of “Advanced Copy Groups” at the telephone numbers (787) 781-5028 or at (787) 782-2246. We do not have color photocopiers.

We have two printers in the computer lab that is located in room B-141 on the first floor. Students enrolled in the Bayamón Campus, administrative staff and faculty of the Bayamón Campus can make use of it. Students must acquire an account at the Information and Telecommunications Center (CIT) that gives them access to use the computers of the open laboratories and make use of the printer.