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Caribbean Business (Use in the CAI) 

Business Economics and Theory (GALE)

Business Insights: Global (GALE)

Business Source Ultimate (EBSCO)

E-Journals (EBSCO)

Full Text Finder (EBSCO)

Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Collection (GALE)

Hospitality Tourism Complete (EBSCO)

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global

Regional Business News (EBSCO)


























Digitalia (Ebooks & Journals)  

eBooks (GALE Cengage Learning)

eBooks Collection (EBSCO

eLibro (In Spanish)  

Emerald / Insight (Ebooks & Electronics Journals)

ProQuest Ebook Central


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 ACCA The Global body for professional accountants

AMA American Management Association

American FactFinder (Spanish & English)

Boletín Social (Junta de Planificación) 

BusinessWeek (Magazines)

CENSO (Junta de Planificación) 

Diccionario de economía y finanzas

Gerencia de Mercadeo

Globalización (Monthly magazine of economy, society and culture)

Entrevista de trabajo

IAAER International Association for Accounting Education & Research

Informe Económico al Gobernador (Junta de Planificación) (Puerto Rico)

JAN Job Accommodation Network (Database to search for jobs)

Junta de Planificación (Puerto Rico)

Mercadeo BBA – Marketing BBA Program (INTER Ponce)

Mercadeo (Digital Magazine)

Mercosur (Spanish, Portuguese)

NIOSH The National Institute for Occupatinal Safety and Health

OECD Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development

OIT Organización Internacional del Trabajo (Spanish & English)

Revista Empresarial Inter Metro  (Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico) (Spanish & English)

SBA Small Business Adminitration  (Spanish & English)

Taylor & Francis Online (E-books, journals and open access publications)

United States Department of Labor

Vocabulario Técnico de Marketing e Internet