Privacy Policy

Center for Access to Information (CAI) of the Bayamón Campus of Inter American University of Puerto Rico agrees to abide by the laws governing the confidentiality of information and, in turn, protect such information in a manner consistent with its classification and value. This privacy guarantee is also in harmony with applicable international, federal and state laws that govern the privacy and confidentiality of information. Including the “Electronic Communications Privacy Act” of 1986, the FERPA Act of 1974 (as amended), 20 U.S.C. 1232g, the regulations established unde 34 C.F.R., part 99, “Portability and Accountability Act” (HIPAA) and the regulations of the “Federal Communication Commission”.

The CAI is committed to working ethically and legally by collecting and using the information of its students and employees. This information will only be used for educational or work purposes. To guarantee the confidentiality of the information, the University’s information systems provide rigorous security modules for the granting of passwords to limit access.

The CAI, like the University, respects the privacy of the users of its technological resources, but reserves the right to inspect the use of such resources when there is a well-founded suspicion of violations of the policies and norms of the University, to the international, federal and state laws, or when there is an emergency situation or a threat to the integrity or security of the computer system.

This guarantee it is, based on the Normative Document I-1209-006 – Rules on the Confidentiality of Information of the Inter American University of Puerto Rico

The following describes the information we request and for which it is used:


Be used to identify and communicate with the user.


An email address is required for this service in order to send the information requested when it requires time for your research by the library. This address will only be available at this site. The CAI will not reveal, sell or provided to any email address to any other entity. The library uses the email address only:

  • Send you information on the subject you request for your reference.
  • Send you a document.
  • Continue with an incomplete session.

Phone number

A telephone number is not required to use this service. If one a provided, it will be solely available to this site. The CAI will not disclose, sell, provide, or publish any telephone number to any other entity. The library uses the telephone number to:

  • Get in contact with a user during a session to clarify doubts or offer information.
  • Continue an incomplete session.

User Type

User type is used to keep statistics on which sector of the community has more scope. We use it to determine the complexity of the investigation and identify the most appropriate resources.