Use Policy

Distance Library Services, are aimed at our academic community of Bayamón for providing real time assistance for finding information and preparation of academic papers. The services offered are consultations to the librarian, loans of bibliographic resources of our CAI and requests for interlibrary loans to other CAI and Libraries (taking into account the norms established for the loans), sending of documents (eg. journals articles, newspapers), instructional modules for the development of skills in the use and handling of information, use of databases, online catalog. The external community may also benefit from some of these services.

  • This service, will be used when the query requires more time for research by the librarian.
  • The consultation will be attend within the next two business days, depending on the demand for information.
  • They can direct your email to cai@bayamon.inter.edu

Post Mail:

  • This service is available for people who do not wish to submit electronic information. They can direct requests to Inter American University of Puerto Rico – Bayamón Campus – Ask a Librarian – 500 Carr. John W. Harris – Bayamón, P. R. 00957
  • You must complete all parts of the form and be specific with the information requested.
  • The response time will depend on the date of request, volume of requests and time available to perform the search.

Electronic form:

  • This service is aimed at people who do not use instant messaging.
  • You must fill out all the parts of the form and be specific with the information you request.
  • The response time will depend on the date of request and volume of requests, working about 48 hours or less.


  • Assistance referral queries, search strategies, and other search terms that are rapid response will be provided by calling: (787)279-1912 ext. 2259, 2175, 2174. You can also direct your inquiry by fax to Ask a Librarian at 1(939)225-7343.