About CAI

Our Mission

The Center for Access to Information mission is to provide educational support and be part of the teaching-learning process. We are committed in its mission and vision of our Campus. Our main objective is to provide our university community the resources and services to satisfy our user’s educational needs. Our purpose is to foment investigation and the use of modern technology in order to prepare our users professionally, culturally and recreationally.

Virtual Library

As part of the mission and to offer our services to the entire university and external community. We have developed a library without walls, open to the exchange of information and resources with the rest of the world. In it, our users can enter a virtual environment immersing themselves, experimenting and interacting with it, with the possibility of establishing, new forms of communication from thousands of different places connected to each other.

The fundamental objective of the Virtual Library is to respond to the information needs of our students, teachers and visitors. In order to achieve this purpose we guide them in the search and retrieval of information. We provide the following resources: electronic databases, guides and manuals to prepare academic papers, links to Internet pages according to the mission of the Campus, digitized documents, and magazines and electronic books in full text.